The tables below have summarized the amenities offered in each of our designated lactation rooms. Please note that some amenities might not be available or out of order. If you notice an amenity that is not in current working order, please contact us to let us know.

Main Campus

RoomSinkRefrigeratorPumpDual Use
Brewster Building Room A106x
Joyner Library Room 1414xxx
Life Science & Biotechnology Buildingx
Main Campus Student Center LWCC 100Hxx
Rivers Building Room 176x
Student Health Services Room 121

Health Science Campus

RoomSinkRefrigeratorPumpDual Use
Brody School of Medicine Room 02L05
Family Medicine Building Room 2918Axxx
Health Sciences Student Center 218Ax
Laupus Library Room 2502E
Ross Hall Room 1173xx