Soph Myers-Kelley, MLIS

Assistant Professor and Liaison Librarian, Brody School of Medicine

Soph Myers-Kelley (they/him), MLIS, is an assistant professor and liaison librarian to the Brody School of Medicine. Soph is a queer, disabled, neurodivergent, and trans medical librarian, speaker, writer, and creative. With personal and professional experience in the health sciences, they work to overcome systemic inequities with their words and actions. He speaks and moderates regularly for Aucademy, an autistic-led educational organization. They are a member of the American Association for Anatomy and the Medical Library Association. At MLA they chair the professionalism and leadership hub and chair-elect the LGBTQ+ caucus. Ever interested in the arts, he is also a board member with the nonprofit Young Dance.


Health disparities concerning minoritized identities including but not limited to: neurodivergence, disability, chronic pain, trans and genderqueer identities, sexual orientation, fatness, class, color, and more; inequities in the workplace; pleasure activism; emergent strategy; unconscious bias; activism and librarianship; integrative medicine