Sambuddha Banerjee, PhD

Teaching Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry

As a queer, brown, immigrant who is involved in STEM education and research, Banerjee is invested in developing research programs that can support LGBTQIATS* + students of color. Banerjee is also invested in decentering from the Eurocentric production-based mode of education, and creating more equitable learning environment where the participants are provided a space to make mistakes, learn from them, and create a better understanding of the topic at hand. Lastly, Banerjee envisions a more compassionate academy, where equity and diversity are spontaneous and holds students to high standards but also makes flexibility so that they can thrive towards it.


Queer Refugees of Color, trans sex-workers, intersectionality, increasing participation of URM students in Chemistry graduate school, LGBTQIATS* students in STEM