Online Modules

Online module updates in progress

This educational module is offered to provide education about equal opportunity laws, and preventing, recognizing and reporting protected class discrimination, harassment, and related retaliation at ECU. The module will also inform the community about the consequences of unlawful discrimination, harassment, and related retaliation. It is recommended that you complete this material using Internet Explorer. This module is mandatory for all employees to complete every five years.

Retaliation and Protected Activity

ECU’s Notice of Nondiscrimination and Affirmative Action Policy prohibits retaliation. We hope you will review our new online module entitled, “Retaliation and Protected Activity” which can be found on Cornerstone. This module will provide you with an enhanced understanding of retaliation, the protections afforded under ECU’s policies, how to report concerns of retaliation, and the resources available for our students, staff, and faculty.

EEO Compliance and HR Best Practice Training in SHRA/CSS and EHRA Recruitment and Selection

Individuals serving on EHRA search committees are required to complete this educational module every two years, and it is recommended that individuals severing on SHRA/CSS committees complete this course as well. This module is available for ECU employees through Cornerstone and through Blackboard for ECU students. If you have a non-ECU search committee member, please contact the Office for Equity and Diversity at 328-6804.

You can register for our online educational programs through Cornerstone.