Jennifer Gallagher, PhD

Assistant Professor in College of Education Literacy Studies, English & History Education

Jennifer Gallagher, PhD is an Assistant Professor of Social Studies Education who researches, teaches, and supports critical inquiry of the social world. She has been an educator since 2005, earning her PhD in Education in 2017. Dr. Gallagher has collaborated on publications on a variety of diversity and education related topics, including inquiry-centered education within the social studies classroom; implicit bias; and diversity, equity, and inclusion in rural education. Her research has been published in educational publications, including, but not limited to, Theory and Practice in Rural Education, Education, Citizenship, and Social Justice, Educational Leadership Review. Dr. Gallagher received awards in diversity from East Carolina University and earned certifications in Racial Equity Training from the Equity Literacy Institute.


Culture, politics, and education; teaching and learning about DEI; diversity education; social justice; pedagogy and education; professional development; social studies