Eric Bailey, PhD

Full Professor in Department of Anthropology and Public Health

Eric J. Bailey, PhD, MPH, Full Professor in Department of Anthropology and Public Health. He is a joint-appointed professor. Eric is the Director of the Ethnic and Rural Health Disparities (ERHD) Graduate Certificate Online Program in the Brody School of Medicine and Department of Public Health. Eric’s research interests include a broad-based research experience in several chronic diseases including hypertension, overweight & obesity, diabetes, prenatal care, cancer, alternative medicine, HIV/AIDS, and physical fitness. His current research interest includes race and ethnic relations based upon his most recent book entitled, “Race and Ethnic Relations on Campus: Understanding, Empowerment, and Solutions for College Students.” He has published eight books and 15 peer-reviewed articles.


Medical Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, Ethnic Health & Health Disparities, Global Health, Behavioral Science, Qualitative Research, African Americans, Government Public Health Programs, Culturally Competent Public Health Programs, Race and Ethnic Relations