Emerging Scholars Symposium

The East Carolina University (ECU) Emerging Scholars Symposium is a four-day program for scholars nearing the end of their terminal degree studies and recent graduates, including postdoctoral scholars. The program is designed to support East Carolina University’s faculty pipeline with an emphasis on scholars whose research interests align with our mission and strategic plan, Future focused. Innovation driven., and particularly with one or more of the University’s priorities and objectives that reflect our commitment to sustaining an inclusive environment and cultivating a culture of care, belonging and opportunity for all faculty, staff, and learners.

Participants will engage with ECU academic leaders, learn about faculty life at ECU, and showcase their research. Travel, lodging and meals are covered for selected scholars.

November 6-9, 2023 (** On Campus **)

For more information about the program, contact the Office for Equity and Diversity at 252-328-6804 or by email at oed@ecu.edu.

Symposium Benefits:

  • Networking dinners with academic leaders and faculty
  • Research presentations to faculty and students
  • Campus and community tours
  • Workshops and panel discussions regarding faculty careers at ECU


  1. Graduate students within one or two years of completion, or already received, terminal degree (i.e., approximate completion date of fall 2026), including postdoctoral scholars
  2. Demonstrated academic career goals and research interests that align with East Carolina University’s mission and our strategic plan, Future focused. Innovation driven., including one or more of the following priorities and objectives:

A. Use innovative learning strategies and delivery methods to maximize access (Mission)

B. Prepare students with the knowledge, skills and values to succeed in a global, multicultural society (Mission)

C. Transform health care, promote wellness, and reduce health disparities (Mission)

D. Strengthen graduation and retention strategies while closing equity gaps to advance student achievement and enhance opportunity for all learners. (Objective M1.1)

E. Advance economic prosperity and sustainability of the eastern North Carolina region and the people and places we serve. (Objective M3.3)

F. Increase access and success for all learners through innovative teaching, research and creative activities. (Vision Priority 1)

G. Foster and sustain an inclusive campus environment that welcomes a broad representation of persons and perspectives and emphasizes well-being. (Objectives V2.1 and V2.2)

H. Improve health access, sustainability and outcomes for rural communities, including educational and academic programs as well as access to health care and wellness options. (Vision Priority 3)

More information about ECU’s region may be found on our website.

  1. Availability to participate in the full Symposium event



To Apply:

Complete the application and submit a cover letter and CV by accessing the link below:

Emerging Scholars Symposium Fall 2023 – APPLICATION PERIOD CLOSED (via Qualtrics)

Application Deadline:  October 2, 2023

Seats are limited.

NOTE:  If you believe you require a reasonable disability accommodation to participate in this application process, please contact the ADA Coordinator in the University’s Department of Human Resources by phone at (252) 737-1018 or by email at ADA-Coordinator@ecu.edu.


Participants in the November 2022 Symposium had this to say:

“This symposium is wonderful. I had a wonderful time networking with the dean, associate dean, department chair, and faculty in the College of ____. I also appreciate the opportunity to present my research paper and learn from other emerging scholars.”,

“The Symposium was well organized. Pre-communication was very helpful. Great networking opportunities with ECU faculty and other Emerging Scholars. … I was grateful to be included amongst such great scholars.”;

“I enjoyed the individual/personal tour I had with the department – especially the 1:1 interaction with the faculty. In terms of improvement, I wish we had a least an extra day during the symposium…”, and

“Loved talking to students about their experiences at [College of _____]. Enjoyed the intimate lunch at [College of ____]. Loved the jazz night – incorporating the arts into the program was amazing.”

Participants in the October 2021 Symposium had this to say:

“I felt fortunate to talk to so many faculty in the department and learn more about ECU and all the resources available.”,

“I have been to other conferences but never one like this. I knew a little about ECU’s College of ____, but now I know a ton. … I liked the small group setting to get to know the school. Thank you!”;

“I have never been involved in something like this, and … I feel lucky to be part of it. Right now, I might know more about ECU than my own institution!”, and

“Thank you so much!  [The Symposium] covered a vast amount of information in a short time. The campus, community, departments, research, students, and the list goes on. This has been a great program with it being virtual.”

Participants in the October 2020 Symposium had this to say:

“I felt that the entire program was very well put together. The subject matter itself was very diverse in that many topics were covered and I really enjoyed that aspect of the program. Thank you again for making the overall experience an amazing experience.”,

“I thought the Symposium was a great experience.”, and

“I truly enjoyed my experience with ECU. Even though it was a virtual format, I still felt as though I was welcomed as though it was an in person experience.”

Participants in the November 2019 Symposium had this to say:

“ECU’s Emerging Scholars is a great program! I am honored to have participated in it.”,

“It was a great opportunity to be in such close proximity to university leadership at the chancellor, provost and dean levels. I was very intrigued by the research opportunities within the [college] as it pertains to serving the rural populations ….”

“wonderful experience”,

“fantastic program”, and

“… I learned a lot about the students, faculty and what the university is doing in the community.  Every interaction was valuable and gave me insight into ECU.”

Participants in the March 2019 Symposium had this to say:

“this experience was top-notch”,

“I felt the willingness and support of ECU and the community towards the success and growth of new faculty”, and

“I was impressed by the opportunity … to build a strong foundation to enhance diversity and student excellence while meeting the mission of ECU.  I was equally impressed by the commitment of university leaders and ECU staff to faculty excellence.”

East Carolina University is committed to equality of opportunity and prohibits discrimination against applicants, students, employees, or visitors based on race/ethnicity, color, genetic information, national origin, religion, sex (including pregnancy and pregnancy related conditions), sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, political affiliation, and veteran status (including relationship or association with a protected veteran; or Active Duty or National Guard service).