Ben Blaisdell, PhD

Assistant Professor in Foundations; Department of Special Education, Foundations, and Research; College of Education

Dr. Blaisdell’s research focuses on how white supremacy and antiblackness are normalized in schools, how even well-meaning practitioners can be complicit in systems of oppression. His current work examines how explicitly antiracist and asset-based approaches to education—for example, those that center Black joy and genius—can successfully challenge taken-for-granted curricular, pedagogical, and discipline practices and create more racially affirming forms of education. His work has been published in The International Journal of Qualitative Studies of Education, The Urban Review, Whiteness and Education, and Taboo: The Journal of Culture and Education. Dr. Blaisdell engages in a collaborative form of professional development called equity coaching, which uses critical race theory (CRT) to foster racial literacy and antiracist action with teachers, administrators, and other school personnel.


Critical Race Theory, Racial Equity Coaching, Multicultural Education, Whiteness Studies, Courageous Conversations on Race